Project documents


D1.1 Report on WUI fire prevention and emergency management in Europe: a state of the art, public document

D2.1 WUIWATCH community members database platform, internal document

D3.1 Permanent forum and special interest group, internal document

D4.1 Online tool and database for experience capitalization, internal document

D4.2 WUIWATCH Knowledge base, internal document

D5.1 Report on houses fire vulnerability tests and experiments, public document

D5.2 Report on fire safety in the WUI tests and experiments, public document

D6.1 Proceedings and conclusions of the 1st WUIWATCH workshop, public document

D6.2 Proceedings and conclusions of the 2nd WUIWATCH workshop, public document

D6.3 Proceedings and conclusions of the 3rd WUIWATCH workshop, public document

D6.4 Proceedings and conclusions of the 4th WUIWATCH workshop, public document

D7.1 Guide of good practices for fire prevention and self-protection in the WUI, restricted document

D7.2 Report on defence operations and safety in WUI forest fire scenarios, restricted document

D7.3 WUIWATCH White book on fire prevention and defence in the WUI, public document

D8.1. Brochure on fire prevention, public document

D8.2. Brochure on house vulnerability and protection operations, public document

D8.3. Brochure on emergency management, operations, communications and safety, public document

D8.4. Video on general concepts and prevention, public document

D8.5. Video on house and structures vulnerability, public document

D8.6. Video on operations and safety, public document

D8.7. Video on human factors and social skills, public document

D8.8 Report on dissemination activities, internal document

D9.1 Project Steering Committee, internal document

D9.2 Cooperation agreements, internal document

D9.3 Operations Manual, internal document

D9.4 Annual Work Programme –Year No, internal document

D9.5 Monitoring and evaluation systems, internal document

D9.6 Progress report No, internal document

D9.7 Annual Work Programme –Year No, internal document

D9.8 Progress report No, internal document

D9.9 Final report, internal document

D9.10 Exit and Sustainability Plan, internal document

D9.11. Final evaluation (external)