Fundacio d'Ecologica del Foc i Gestio d'Incendis Pau Costa Alcubierre

Pau Costa Foundation (PCF)

The Fire Ecology and Management Foundation Pau Costa Alcubierre (PCF) was born in January 2011, after a year of preparation, and with the ambition to be an information platform on forest fire management, as well as an instrument for the research and divulgation of fire ecology.

Other objectives are the creation of knowledge, tools and techniques for the management of forest fires, and the dissemination of this knowledge to the technical world through training and dissemination instruments.

The Foundation has collaborators from different European countries, with a long history in forest fires, including Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The scope of the Foundation has therefore an international perspective, aiming to reach also countries which have no access to this fire information and knowledge, including developing countries. This involves establishing links with various organizations, both governmental and private, to make the Foundation known and expand its influence.