Entente Pour la Foret Mediterraneenne Département Essais et Recherche

Testing and Research Centre of the Entente (CEREN)CEREN Logo

CEREN (Testing and Research Centre of the Entente) was created in 1979 as a multidisciplinary laboratory of applied research on forest fire. It is actually a department of the “Entente pour la forêt méditerrannéenne”, a governmental organization created in 1963 and originally dedicated to the protection of the Mediterranean forest and environment against fires, thanks to the efforts of 14 French south-eastern departments. Today, Entente/CEREN scope has extended to natural risks and crisis management. CEREN regularly collaborates with researchers, industrial companies, and users at national and international levels, and is used to participate to various European research and development programs, from FP5 to H2020.

CEREN has expertise in various fields:

  • Tests & experiments: all new firefighting equipment and materials are tested against fire and their efficiency is evaluated; chemical additives used in forest firefighting are characterized and evaluated prior to their use in air tankers or trucks. All these tests can be ordered by the Entente, the Directorate of defense and civil protection, or industrials developing new materials.
  • Applied research in forest fire: research undertaken at CEREN focuses on civil protection user needs. To improve fire fighters safety during large forest fires, the role of volatile organic compounds and the toxicity of fire smokes are studied. Missions of risk assessment are done, developing and using simulation and modeling tools.
  • Research of fire causes: accelerating products are detected and identified in sealed samples after fires.
  • Expertise in European projects: CEREN initiated and participated to numerous European projects on forest fire and chemical additives, but also to security programs dealing with crisis management and search and rescue procedures.