Planning for Wildfire in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Author(s):  Miller, S.R.;  Lindquist, E.;  Vos, J.;  Wuerzer, T.;  Mowery, M.;  Grad, A.;  Stephens, B.;

Subjects:  Legislation and regulation.  Prevention.  Risk assessment and mapping.

Publication year: 2016

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This article provides a basic review of planning mechanisms to address wildfire in the wildland-urban interface (WUI). Both regulatory and non-regulatory tools are discussed. Regulatory tools include comprehensive plans, zoning codes, subdivision codes, building codes, and fire codes. Non-regulatory tools include educational platforms, such as Firewise, insurance, and community wildfire protection plans. The article also provides context for why WUI wildfires are so problematic and deserving of increased attention from the legal and planning fields.


59 The Advocate (Idaho) 42 (2016) . Keywords: wildfire, CWPPs, WUI, wildland-urban interface, community wildfire protection plan, Firewise

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