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World Congress Silvo-Pastoral Systems. Working Group 6 - Wildfires and Natural Hazards

The World Congress Silvo-Pastoral Systems 2016, Silvo-Pastoral Systems in a changing world: functions, management and people, will be held in Evora, Portugal, between 27 and 30 September 2016. Since silvo-pastoral systems around the world have different compositions and strutures, this world congress focus on systems that combine trees with animal grazing, in combination with crops, in regions of the world with two seasons, one dry and one wet, and thus drought as a limiting factor. See

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Municipality of Tondela (Portugal) organising a workshop on WUI

Tondela workshop WUIThe Municipality of Tondela (Portugal), with the help of ADAI (WUIWATCH partner) and the Voluntary Firefighters of Tondela Vale de Besteiros, are celebrating a workshop on forest fires and wildland-urban interface the next 20th of May. In it several subjects will be presented and discussed, on fire behaviour and consequences and the importance of community education, and the training of Civil Protection agents. You find more info and registration forms at the Tondela Cityhall page. This is a good example of commitment of a local Administration for the understanding and awareness of WUI problems at local scale.

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WUIWATCH Webinar: Managing Uncertainty in WUI Emergencies

Marc CastellnouDate: 21/04/2016   Hour: 10:00 CET   Room:
The response to wildfires that affect WUI, and the emergencies that it creates, involves the management of large amounts of information (fire potential, changing fire behavior, population in risk, resources, etc.) in a rapidly changing environment that may overwhelm emergency responders. 

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