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Municipality of Tondela (Portugal) organising a workshop on WUI

Tondela workshop WUIThe Municipality of Tondela (Portugal), with the help of ADAI (WUIWATCH partner) and the Voluntary Firefighters of Tondela Vale de Besteiros, are celebrating a workshop on forest fires and wildland-urban interface the next 20th of May. In it several subjects will be presented and discussed, on fire behaviour and consequences and the importance of community education, and the training of Civil Protection agents. You find more info and registration forms at the Tondela Cityhall page. This is a good example of commitment of a local Administration for the understanding and awareness of WUI problems at local scale.

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Essays on protective equipment at CEREN

Essay on equipment (2)The WUIWATCH research team at the Testing and Research Centre of the Entente (CEREN) in France have conducted a series of essays on the endurance of protective equipment used by firefighters of the SDIS 13 - Sapeurs Pompiers des Bouches du Rhône. An initial preparatory test has been carried out to determine the period of sustained heat flux above 20 kW/m2 emitted by a 2x2m fire panel, equivalent to a real exposure to radiative heat in a WUI situation. A second battery of tests have been performed to identify the damage intensity on the fire equipment actually used by firefighters. A first set of conclusions have been obtained, showing that the expected damage is uneven, being more intense in the upper part of legs. Some videos available at the WUIWATCH YouTube Channel :

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