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WUIWATCH Laboratory experiments on firebrands and smoke related to house vulnerability

wuiwatchIn July 2015 wuiwatch partners ADAI-CEIF have completed the design and installation of a dedicated infrastructure for the study of house vulnerability regarding the entrance of firebrands (flying embers) and smoke. The infrastructure consists of a 75% scale complete room with windows and doors, fully equipped with sensors and which is inserted in the wind tunnel of LEIF laboratory and which is exposed to a flow of burning firebrands generated by a dedicated device (the ‘micro dragon’). Monitoring is performed by visual and IR video cameras and a particle tracing software. CEIF-LEIF team has conducted a long list of experiments underlining the importance of open or closed doors inside the house as a relevant factor for the effective inflow of external smoke and firebrands. Full datasets, videos and pictures are available for a further detailed analysis to drive final conclusions. The results will be presented and published in the next wuiwatch workshop on house vulnerability which will be held in Portugal late November 2014.

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WUIWATCH and eFireCom Project

09/07/2015. Within the second week of July, an international workshop on culture of risk and communication in forest fires was held in the frame of the eFireCom project took place in Solsona, Catalonia, Spain, in the premises of the CTFC. This was a great opportunity to create synergies between the two projects in the same program and transfer some of the findings about planning, communication and education in regard to fire risk in the WUI areas and interact with the international attendees, some of which were invited to join wuiwatch network. We thank very much to Eduard Plana (coordinator) from CTFC for this invitation! We hope this is just one of a series of interactions between eFireCom and wuiwatch projects. Solsona, Spain.

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