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WUIWATCH First Workshop in Italy

wuiwatchwuiwatch25/05/2015. Past May 25th, the First wuiwatch Workshop on Prevention and Risk Mapping took place in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy. This workshop was organised by University of Sassari (DIPNET) and chaired by Costantino Sirca. Several Italian entities participated very actively in the workshop, amongst them Corpo Regionale Volontari del Fuoco, Municipality of Alghero, Sardinia Forestry Corps, Porto Conte Regional Park Alghero, Civil Protection Sardinia, Ente Foreste della Sardegna and Nucleo Operativo Soccorsi. Besides two distinguished international speakers were invited, Gavriil Xanthopoulos (DEMETER, Greece) and Christophe Bouillon (IRSTEA, France) who gave interesting lectures on current state of the art on protocols, prevention, risk mapping and modelling in WUI areas in Europe. wuiwatch project was introduced by David Caballero, who presented also some unsolved questions and subjects about fire prevention in the WUI. An intense round table was conducted in which discussions were carried out on several subjects, particularly the role of agricultural lands in prevention. Proceedings of the workshop will be available soon.

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WUIWATCH in Olympia, Greece

wuiwatch19/05/2015. Taking advantage of the generous invitation done by the Hellenic Fire Corps, Regional Fire Administration of Western Greece to the one-week long wildfire exercise and international workshopthat took place past May, organised in cooperation with the Prefecture of Ileia and Municipality of Ancient Olympia, the WUIWATCH project coordinator presented the scope and objectives. Besides, an official invitation to the attending international entities (from France, Portugal, Norway, Italy and Cyprus) and the local and national authorities in Greece was offered to join WUIWATCH network. Participants enriched greatly our experience and a brief document with the conclusions was written.

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WUIWATCH Field experiments on house vulnerability

wuiwatch 12/05/2015. As part of the experiments within <a class = "resaltado">wuiwatch</a> project, a set of field essays on vulnerability were performed by our partner ADAI-CEIF in the experimental burns GESTOSA 2015 that took place in Portugal past May instant. The ADAI-CEIF team designed and performed an instrumented experiment with real fire to test material durability and ability to contain heat transfer when exposed to flame radiation and flame contact. The experiment was recorded in HR photos and using visual and IR video cameras.

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