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WUIWATCH and the Forest Fire Department in Spain

wuiwatch26/03/2015. The wuiwatch project was presented past March to the Forest Fire Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Spain. Heads of the ADCIF and technical staff interacted with wuiwatch team who explained the scope, objectives and importance of this initiative in Spain and Europe. Future contributions and participation of the ADCIF in the wuiwatch was profiled. The Department was officially invited to the wuiwatch network.

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WUIWATCH and the National Authority of Civil Protection in Spain

wuiwatch12/03/2015. A first meeting was performed past March to present WUIWATCH project to the Spanish Civil Protection Authorities. The Directorate General of Civil Protection and Emergencies (DGPCyE), Ministry of Interior, will actively participate in the workshops and interchange of knowledge. The DGPCyE will contribute with their experience and protocols used in Spain in the events of forest fires affecting houses and communities. National Authority of Civil Protection Directorate General (DGPCyE) Ministry of Interior, Madrid, Spain.

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